• Stuffed with beany goodness

    Spare a thought for the thousands of squishy beans that live inside your Mighty Moo!

    They help keep you in blissful comfort when you’re relaxing at home.

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  • Cosier than a tea cosy

    It’s official. Your Mighty Moo! Pod is one super comfy beast. It’s perfect for sleepovers, gaming sessions and chilling out in front of the box.

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  • Mighty who! (you had to ask…)

    Strong as an ox, and cosier than a feathered nest, a Mighty Moo! is one massive bean bag.

    The Mighty Moo! (Latin - Mightius Moous) are a family of bovines responsible for some of the world’s mightiest bean bags.

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Our ranges

    • Mighty Moo!

      Bean bags

      The Original bean bag

      The Mighty Moo! Original bean bag is much loved for its unique slab shape - perfect for sleepovers.

      Available in:

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      • XL
      • XXL
    • Mighty Moo!

      Dog beds

      The Pod bean bag

      You won’t find a softer and more refined lounging position this side of a cotton wool hammock.

      Available in:

      • S
      • M
      • L

What’s in a Mighty Moo!?

Get the low down on everything you need to know about the world’s comfiest bean brand.*

Mighty Moo! is an unmistakable bean bag brand. They are social creatures, strong as an ox, and cosier than a feathered nest. The herd is migrating to homes across the country. Moo better believe it.

*Don’t just take our word for it - scientists at the School of Hard Knocks in Strasbourg, France subjected the Mighty Moo! to rigorous testing. The Mighty Moo! was found to be 5 times comfier than its nearest competitor - a sing-size feathered bed.